As of September 2022

As of September 2022

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As of September 2022

All plans for this year's performances have come to an end.

These days, as a subcontractor at the Daewoo Shipyard, he is building an icebreaker for LNG transport in Russia.

I have been working at the shipyard for 7 years and as a subcontractor for 10 years.

He is composing Symphony No. 4 <Noah's Ark>. and

The Korean National Music Association is preparing to publish the "Collection of Works for 2022".

My whole body is broken, in the unbearable insult and discrimination

meet God more passionately.

Jesus Christ uses my weakness!

Symphony No. 5 will be "Maranatha".

I work here as an animal. 

나는 할 말이 많다. 그러나 성령이 나에게 큰 인내를 주신다.