Opera Jesus Christ (composed by Dae-Ho Eom ,2024) 오페라 예수그리스도 (엄대호 작곡)

Opera Jesus Christ (composed by Dae-Ho Eom ,2024) 오페라 예수그리스도 (엄대호 작곡)

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Opera 《Jesus Christ》 for Orchestra

written by Soon-Young Jeong

composed by Dae-Ho Eom 

(Composed  on March 29, 2024)

Opera 《Jesus Christ》 for Ballet, Voice & String Quartet

Korean version & English version

(Composed  on September 22, 2023) 



*The opera Jesus Christ was dedicated to Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden.


Act I.   Jesus! Who are you?

1. Overture

2. Dance in the wilderness

3. For leper

4. Peter's question

5. Who will stay in your tent?

6. Ruler's guidelines

7. Pronounces misfortune on the scribes and Pharisees

8. Poor, hungry and weep people

9. The Centurion's Slave Story

10. A woman whose daughter was possessed by an unclean spirit

11. Intermezzo

12. Prayer of a Pharisee and a tax collector

13. Parable of the Prophet Jeremiah

14. Moses and the bronze serpent

15. Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets

16. Pilate's atrocities

17. Jesus is the light of salvation

18. Patient at Betzata Pond

19. Jesus is a “miracle” who came as the “Word.”

Act II.The Passion of Jesus

1. Prelude

2. A story about a blind and speechless man

3. God gives to nations that produce crops

4. If anyone wants to come after me

5. Anecdotes with temple merchants

6. Fig Tree Parable

7. Pharisee's frame

8. Paschal festival

9. The woman who broke the alabaster box

10. Judas looks for an opportunity to betray Jesus

11. You will all fall away

12. Jesus is captured

13. Jesus is tortured

14. Crucifixion

15. Tetelestai(τετέλεσται)

Act III. The resurrection of Jesus. Ascension

1. Prelude

2. Angel and Mary outside the tomb

3. Dance of emotion

4. Road to Emmaus

5. Meeting with the eleven disciples

6. Thomas' doubts

7. He who believes in me believes in him who sent me

8. I am the way, the truth and the life

9. Finale "Ascension"



예수 그리스도 주제의 첫 정식 오페라: 엄대호 작곡가의 오페라 예수 그리스도는 예수 그리스도의 삶을 다룬 세계 최초의 정식 오페라입니다. 이는 종교적 관점에서 중요한 의미를 지닙니다.


Orchestra version, string quartet version, English version, Korean version




String quartet version